Video Poker:


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Video Poker has grown to be one of the most popular
electronic games in Las Vegas. Video Poker is played by
just one person and not a few other people like at a Poker
Table. The machines use one 52 card deck.

All you do is bet the amount of coins that you prefer, and
then touch the draw/deal button. The machine will deal you
five cards. Hold the cards that you want to keep and touch
the draw/deal button again. It's that easy!

The machines will have the payoffs usually listed on the face
of the machine.

Vidoe poker machines cost as little as $.05 cents and up to
as much as $25.00.
There are many different types of Vidoe Poker Machines to
choose form.

Here are some examples:
Bonus Poker
Double Bonus Poker
Dueces Wild
Joker Poker
Triple Play
Five Play

Just choose your favorite game and have some fun!
Ten Play

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