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Hotels Which Allow 18 Year Old to Register Rooms:

1 Hotels Which Allow 18 Year Old to Register Rooms
Many non gaming hotels in Las Vegas allow people under 21 years old to book rooms.

Because the legal gaming age is 21, most casino hotels in Las Vegas only allow guests who are 21 or older to register rooms. It is OK for registered guests to have underage children to stay with them in the same rooms. Some hotels also allow parents to put their underage children in the next room which adjoins their room.

Following hotels do allow guests who are 18 or older to register rooms under their names. Please be aware that guests between 18 and 20 can not gamble in the casinos. (The information is subject to change. Please verify before using it.)

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino
Four Seasons Hotel
Four Queens Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas Hilton Hotel & Casino
Riviera Hotel & Casino
Tropicana Hotel & Casino

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