Las Vegas Tourist Information

Important Phone Numbers:

1 Important Phone Numbers in Las Vegas
To make a long distance phone call to other cities in the United States and Canada dial 1 + ( Area code ) + phone number. To make international calls to other countries, dial 011 + ( Country code ) + ( Area code ) + phone number. If you place a phone call from a hotel room, you usually must dial 9 first, then dial as described above. Following are some useful telephone numbers in Las Vegas:


Important Phone Numbers
Airport Information 702-261-5743 Long Distance Directory Assistance 1 + (Area code) + 555-1212
Emergency (Fire, Crime, Ambulance) 911 Road Conditions 877-687-6237
511 (within Nevada)
Highway Patrol 702-385-0311 Time and Temperature 118
Hospital (University Medical Center) 702-383-2000 Toll Free Number Directory Assistance 1-800-555-1212
Local Directory Assistance 411 Weather 702-736-3854

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